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Tatewood is changing the way property is sold and let!

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“In the purple corner…Estate ‘rip off’ Agent!”

Estate Agents. Promising the world, delivering nothing and charging you enough to buy a medium-sized jet. The typical ‘shark’ estate agent only looking out for themselves and tying you into contracts longer than the Great Wall of China, photos that look as if they were taken using the latest technology from the 1920s and with mounds of experience in racoon farming. Great, if you are a racoon farmer, not so much if you want them to sell what is probably your most valuable possession.

Let’s pay someone to sell our house before they sell it, what great idea! NOT

If you were going to sell your prized Picasso with an art dealer, you would expect them to be at your every whim and cry because, after all, they are working for you, you are paying them, and only if they do what they say they will do. Seems illogical then to pay an estate agent upfront, no? Would you pay an art dealer a fee before they actually sold your painting? No, because you would probably never see them again, or at least it would be hard to contact them as they would be busy with their other 37,853 clients who have paid them first and are, let’s just say frustrated? Why on earth would you pay someone to sell your property upfront? It’s not like there are other companies that will do it ON SUCCESS ONLY! *Cough* Tatewood *Cough*.

I got a great deal with my estate agent, they charged me only 1.5%! Should have gone to Sp*******rs!

This really is just nonsensical. Simply put, Tatewood charges 0.49% on success only so why pay anyone else anything more. If you were buying a new car, you wouldn’t pay 3 times the price just to buy it at a more established dealership. Sure, they may offer free tea and coffee, but we offer much more than that.

Mr Shark Estate Agent: Oh no, Tatewood is a con, don’t use them, they will charge you extra. Cue hand to face…

Yep, we get this a lot, so let’s make it crystal clear. You will not find a more comprehensive package for selling or renting your property that what we offer.

1. Sales fee of just 0.49%/Let fee from just 5%
2. Photos & Floor-plans FREE
3. Hosted viewings FREE
4. Marketing on Rightmove, Zoopla, PrimeLocation, OnTheMarket, Tatewood.com FREE
5. Local Expert Area Property Consultant at your beck and call FREE
6. Expert and unique brochure design and printing of your property for potential buyers/tenants FREE

Oh, and you only pay the fee if we actually sell or rent your property, none of this *upfront* idiocy.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and see how we can save you time and money!


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