Jonas Gomez

East London Negotiator

Before falling in love with the property industry, Jonas made a name for himself in the events management industry. He started from the very bottom as a simple salesperson and managed to climb up the hierarchy ladder up to the General Manager of one of the biggest event management companies in Ibiza. Years later, as a shareholder of the company, he was in charge of a pioneer expansion to Miami and organized dozens of successful events. A couple of years ago he decided to move to London and began a successful career as a property consultant. He specialized himself in the East London property sector.

Jonas has over a decade of multidisciplinary experience in sales, events, management, HR, and customer service. After traveling more than 30 countries he gained a broad insight into the world’s mechanics and human behaviorism. He has a strong work ethos and believes that with dedication and effort everything can be achieved in life. For him, “Karma” and “Professionalism” are intertwined concepts and he will do everything in his grasp to make transparent and fair deals to make all parties satisfied. 

He is a creative individual and I always try to learn new concepts/procedures with a focus on the motto “Thinking outside the box”.  When he is not conducting viewings or getting new instructions Jonas loves to enjoy the small pleasures of life with his family and friends. He likes jogging in the local park, read books, listens to electronic music, and sharpen his multilingual skills.