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Things To Think About When Choosing An Estate Agent

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When buying and/or selling a property, a lot of thought will go into which conveyancing solicitor you choose and people will take their time to consider all of their options. However, when it comes to choosing an estate agent, many automatically turn to big named brands that they recognise instantly. Whilst it is likely that these brands will be able to do a good job, it is fair to say that they might not actually be the best people to be your estate agent.


It is always recommended that when you’re selling your home, in particular, you take your time to ensure that you’re choosing to put your house on the market with the right estate agent. Aside from the obvious things that you should look for such as experience, customer service and knowledge of the local area, there are a few frequently overlooked important things to think about before deciding which estate agent to choose. So, before deciding who to sell with, make sure you consider the following. 


The valuation they provide 


You can tell a lot from the property valuation that you’re given. It is always advised to get more than one valuation and ideally, you should opt for the estate agent that provides you with the most realistic valuation. It can be tempting to go for the highest valuation, but it is likely that they have overvalued your property to get your business. An over-valuation will result in longer sale times and often having to drop the asking price, so it won’t be beneficial in the long run. 


When you have to pay their fees


It isn’t uncommon for some estate agents to require payment upfront to put your property on the market and you may want to question whether this is something that you’re happy doing. Unfortunately, if potential buyers don’t end up putting an offer in and you never actually sell your property you will then be out of pocket. It may be more beneficial to look at estate agents who only require payment of fees upon a successful sale. 


How much commission they take 


Many don’t realise just how much commission some estate agents will take and often, this is on top of the fees that they charge too. Their commission can make a big dent in your proceeds of sale, so you need to make sure you’re questioning how much commission they take before you instruct them. If you can find a trustworthy estate agent with a lower commission, they may be a better choice than a big-named estate agent with a much higher commission. 


Any additional expenses they have 


On top of paying estate agent fees and commission, some may even try to charge you for additional services too. Things such as photos, floor plans, hosted viewings and marketing on online property sites can all be charged for and it goes without saying that these will all start to add up. Ideally, look out for estate agents who offer these services for free and who provide you with a comprehensive service at a set price. 


How frequently they achieve the asking price


Following on from the valuation prices mentioned above, it may be worth looking into how frequently the estate agent achieves the asking price too. Not only does this indicate how accurate their property valuations are but it can also provide you with peace of mind that you are likely to get the asking price you decide on. This is beneficial when it comes to choosing a property to purchase and looking at your finances. 


Choosing your estate agent


Hopefully, taking the time to think about these things will be beneficial when you’re trying to choose your estate agent. Of course, it is still important to consider other things such as previous testimonials, selling times and general reputation too, however, you will thank yourself in the long run for ensuring that nothing mentioned above was overlooked. Don’t be afraid to take your time when choosing your estate agent, it is better to do so rather than simply turning to a big named-brand. 


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