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Tips For Preparing Your Property For Sale

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Putting your property on the market is undeniably exciting and it the start of a whole new chapter of your life. Whilst you will have many different things to think about in these early stages of selling your property, one thing that is important to get right before estate agents come over to take your marketing photos or bring potential buyers round is preparing your property for sale and, arguably, this is one of the most vital steps right now. 


It goes without saying that the images taken by an estate agent can make such a huge difference to how quickly you sell your property and how much you’re offered by potential buyers. Now that virtual reality videos and virtual tours are becoming increasingly popular too, ensuring that your home looks its best is incredibly important from the get-go. So, to help anyone who is wanting to sell their home, below are a list of tips from experienced estate agents on how to get your property ready for sale. 


Declutter each room 


Always start with a declutter. Ideally, you want your home to look as spacious as possible and removing unnecessary items will help to do this. Focus on providing potential buyers with a blank canvas so they can envisage themselves living here. Estate agents advise removing any personal items that are on display too, even if this is just for your marketing photos. 

Give the decor some TLC 


You might not want to spend much money on the decor of your property, especially because you’re selling it, but it can be beneficial to give the decor some TLC. For example, simply giving the walls a fresh lick of paint can make a huge difference. Whenever you pick up a paint tin, remember to stick to neutral colours too, these are a safe bet for all properties. 


Undertake a deep clean 


Of course, it is important to ensure that your house is clean for all viewings, but it is worthwhile undertaking a deep clean before any photos are taken too. You can trust that grim, dirt and dust will be visible when the estate agent uses a good quality camera, so ensure that you’re not putting potential buyers off your property because you’ve overlooked general cleaning. 


Complete any required DIY 


You may have a list of DIY jobs that you keep meaning to undertake, now is a good time to get them done. These little things can make your home look tired and they will give off the wrong impression. Even if you barely notice that these repairs need doing, when a buyer is scrutinising your home, you can guarantee that they will notice them. 


Ensure the rooms are laid out well 


Sometimes, the way your furniture is laid out isn’t always what’s best for the room. As mentioned above, making each room look spacious is important, so consider what you can do to aid this. For example, if you have stackable side tables scattered around the living room for convenience, maybe stack them away. Try to open up each room as much as possible. 


Don’t forget about the exterior 


It can be incredibly easy to get caught up on what the inside of your property looks like, but the exterior is just important. Often, the front of your home is the first picture estate agents show to potential buyers, so it is essential that it gives the best possible first impression. If your garden is a selling point then make sure you spend some time out there too. 


Finding estate agents


Hopefully, the tips above will be beneficial when you’re preparing your property for sale and they will help you to ensure that it is advertised in the best possible way by your estate agents. It may be beneficial to look at your home as an outsider and be critical about what needs to change in order to make it more appealing. You can guarantee that the effort that you put into this step will pay off in the long run and you will thank yourself for spending the time. 


If you’re searching for an estate agent to sell your property with, please visit the Tatewood website today. We can provide you with comprehensive property services for your sale and will gladly help you in any way required. Once your property is ready to be put on the market, we will take all of your marketing photos, prepare your VR video and start to advertise for you. With the help of our experienced estate agents, the process will be as straightforward as possible, so you can guarantee you’re in safe hands with any of the Tatewood team. 


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