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Tips For Staging Your Home For Marketing Photos

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These days, the vast majority of people who are interested in purchasing a new house will visit estate agents’ websites and browse the different property listings they have. For this reason, often the first thing that any potential buyers will see of your home is the marketing photos advertised by your agent. It goes without saying that in order to get interest from potential buyers, it is essential that these marketing photos show your property off in the best light. 


When selling their property, all homeowners know how to tidy up for any potential viewings, but not many are aware of how to stage their home in order to get the best possible marketing photos. So, to help anyone who is interested in putting their property on the market and wanting to sell their property online, our team here at Tatewood have put together a list of tips that will help you to get your home ready for your agents’ marketing photos. 


Don’t solely rely on natural light 


Lighting is so important when taking photographs and it is essential to light a space correctly. Whilst when conducting viewings you want to fill your home with natural light, for your photos, you will need to use artificial lighting as well. Ideally, you want to even out the lighting in the space and ensure that nowhere is too bright or too dark. 


Try to open up the space 


Remember that things look different through a camera lens and when taking photos, you want your home to look as spacious as possible. You may want to consider moving some of your furniture, just for the photos, and making the most of the space that you have. Think about the angles of your furniture too and try to position items so that they are open to the camera.

Use symmetry and repetition 


Symmetry is a key design principle and it always aesthetically pleasing in photos. By remembering symmetry when staging your home, you will find that your photos look complete. Another thing that is beneficial when selling your property online is repetition, so try to find a way to link all of your rooms together, this will make your home feel whole. 


Remove personal items and clear the surfaces 


Many estate agents recommend this for viewings, but it is even more important for photos. Try to declutter your home and remove any personal items from the view of the camera. Ideally, you should also clear all of your surfaces, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, as they will make the space look smaller and break up the lines in the photos. 


Fluff the carpet and any rugs 


You want every aspect of your home to be luxurious and your photos to be full of texture. One of the easiest ways to do this is to fluff your carpets and rugs. Instead of opting for harsh hoover lines, try running a broom over your carpet to fluff it up. This looks brilliant in photographs and brings life back into your carpets, making them look new. It also helps to hide imperfections. 


Don’t forget about the exterior


Of course, you need to ensure that the exterior of your property looks good too. Often, the front of the house is the first picture any potential buyers will see, so focus some time into making it look inviting. Remember that the camera will pick up all flaws too, for this reason, ensure that no areas are overlooked and that your home’s exterior looks it’s best from top to bottom. 


Staging your home for marketing photos 


All in all, there really is no denying that when selling your property online, ensuring that you have good marketing photos is so important. Hopefully, when using the tips above, you can help your estate agent to get the best possible photos to advertise your property and this will, in turn, help you to sell much quicker. You can guarantee that it is always worthwhile putting some effort into the staging of your home for these photos. 

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