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Why All Sellers Should Use Virtual Property Tours

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Technology is continually evolving and the advancements being made are, in turn, changing the way that many different industry sectors are working. As far as the property sector is concerned, it is fair to say that technology has dramatically changed the way that people advertise their property online when it is up for sale. 

There are many different ways you can use technology to your advantage and the more recent way people are marketing their property online is by using virtual reality tours. These tours are changing the way that prospective buyers are browsing the market and it goes without saying that as a seller, you should definitely be using virtual property tours. If you would like to find out more about these tours and why they are a great tool to use when selling your property online, keep reading today. 

What are virtual reality tours?

As the name suggests, a virtual property tour is a house tour that can be undertaken virtually. Potential buyers will be able to virtually walk around your property, exploring every room in a way that isn’t possible with pictures. The fact that virtual reality tours are immersive, 3D and cover 360-degrees of a property, gives potential buyers a much better idea of what your property is really like. They are now considered essential when selling your property online. 

Benefits of using virtual property tours 

  • Allow more buyers to view your property

Arranging a house viewing isn’t always easy, you need to find a convenient time for yourself, an agent and a prospective buyer to undertake the viewing, and they can also sometimes be quite lengthy. The convenience of virtual tours allows more buyers to view your property and prevents people from disregarding your property because they can’t get to a viewing easily. 

  • Reduce wasted time in relation to viewings

A lot of work goes into ensuring that your home looks its best every time a potential buyer visits. Many sellers get frustrated that they spend time cleaning and tidying for people who don’t end up putting an offer in. Thankfully, a virtual tour will prevent any wasted time in this regard and ensure that physical viewings are saved for serious buyers who are actually interested. 

  • Can assist with valuations 

Aside from helping with buyers and viewings, you may also find that virtual tours help further down the line too. Often, banks and mortgage companies will want to carry out their own property valuations and being able to provide a virtual tour can assist them with this. It may end up speeding up the whole selling process.

Using virtual property tours 

Ultimately, a virtual property tour is a marketing tool that everyone should be taken advantage of when advertising and selling a property online. It goes without saying that they are incredibly beneficial and can go on to make the process of selling your house much easier than ever before. It is likely that in the near future we will see more and more sellers using virtual tours too and as they become the new normal, it will be even more important to use them. 

When wanting to advertise and sell your property online, if you’re looking for an estate agent that offers virtual property tour services, visit the Tatewood website today. Our expert agents have experience working with virtual tours and using the very latest user-friendly technology, they can guide potential buyers through your property virtually. You can try a virtual reality tour for yourself today over on our website too. Our love of modern marketing methods sets us apart from other local estate agents and we will use these methods to get the fastest and best results for our clients. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to find out more today. 

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